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Annual Progression by Rancidire

Before DeviantART (2006 - 2010) 
Lance was a lot different back then. Originally, he was a very bad Sonic FC named Leo. He was a blue cat with fire powers. He was designed to be a counterpart to Blaze the Cat, except blue. Nothing super special until 2010, when his story was rewritten into leaning more towards a Sonic OC, existing in a parallel universe similar to Mobius, and changed from a cat to a wolf. I strictly only drew traditionally, absent from the internet, so there wasn't much in terms of inspiration from other artists, comradery, of any inkling that digital art existed. In 2009(?), I had another deviant Art account used to submit sprite works I made in MS paint when I was obsessed with Halo. 

Early Days (2011)
So here I make my grand entrance into not only the Sonic Fandom, but also digital art and social media. Here is when I started being more active with the community. Lance had just been turned to a wolf not too long before this. Nothing really changed from 2010, but what makes this special is this being my first hand at digital art.

Fast Learner (2012)
Okay so this year was pretty crazy. I was driving all the way from the boonies into the city almost every other day just to work on and submit pics on my grandma's computer. I would sketch all day at home, save up a pile of sketches and work on them all at once whenever I drove back into town. This is when I started really getting into it. I used only Photoshop at the time, and for a short time GIMP, so a lot of my drawings were pretty terrible. I used burn effects to emulate shading, and it was god awful. Example bellow. Later into the year, I picked up PaintTool SAI and learned some new techniques. The vector tool saved my life and would shape the way I draw today. Later on, I stopped being lazy with the shading and used more traditional means. It wasn't until late 2012 when Lance hit his first real redesign. I took up pointers from a friend and worked on bettering my anatomy. Aside from having gross large heads, their bodies began to have more shape, and the limbs no longer looked like noodles. Below is all the progress I made from September 2011 - December 2012

Late 2011 - Early 2012 evolution of Lance by Rancidire
Late 2012 Lance by Rancidire Late 2012 nude by Rancidire Late 2012 Lance by Rancidire

Shaping Ideas (2013) 
Another crazy year. Submissions for the most part were regular, and I started getting better idea of what I wanted to create. I moved back into the city with a new job and my own apartment. By this point, Lance was officially unrelated to the Sonic Universe save for being still in the mobian style. In 2013, Lance started with a short furred jacket missing a sleeve. He had some tattoos and new scars. Later on, Lance was resigned again to have a long trench coat. He no longer had fire powers, and was toting a sexy new gun. This year is when I learned new shading techniques that I still use to this very day.
Early 2013 Lance by Rancidire Mid 2013 Lance by RancidireLate 2013 Lance by Rancidire

Departure from the Norm (2014)
This was a rough year for me to be honest. Some of the most emotional turmoil happened within this time. I've lost a lot, and was going through some deep shit. Yet I still manage to keep going. This year would mark the transition away from the Sonic fandom. I've learned a lot up to this point, and now I was looking to make more of an identity for myself. I aimed to find a more unique look, because I thought that maybe one day, my characters would move to bigger and better things. I couldn't restrict myself to only drawing Sonic OC's if I wanted my art to go anywhere. I gave him pants! I strayed from the sonic style, and aimed for something different. This was the year to try new things.
Early 2014 by RancidireMid 2014 by RancidireMid 2014 by Rancidire Late 2014 by RancidireLate 2014 by Rancidire

Death of LanceWolf13 (2015)
So Here it is. The finale to LancerWolf13. If 2014 was tough emotionally, this year was the killer. So much happened this year. So much heartbreak and loss. Probably the most depressed I've ever been in my entire life. Almost to the point of dropping art entirely. I did not draw much this year, and it shows. Most of what I drew wasn't even finished pieces. However, this year was when Lance got a more final design, or at least shaped more towards the design he has now. This would be the year I joined the military, and had a very long hiatus from art beginning sometime in the summer. I wouldn't pick up art again until early 2016.
Early 2015 by Rancidire2015 by Rancidire 2015 by Rancidire

New Beginnings (2016)
2015 changed me a lot. I lost interest in what I loved, and it changed how I see the world. I wouldn't feel better for a very long, and spite this, one day I gave drawing one more go, that maybe I can revive what I put to death. To my surprise I was pretty damn productive, I had a lot of time and I put out quite a bit on a regular basis. This year I finally caught an aesthetic I liked. Anatomy began to take shape to how it is now, and to me, I began to find my identity. My love for art had yet to return, but at least I held on. My earlier works lacked a lot of love, so they were pretty rushed. It shows too, but as soon as I got a hold of it again, I'd say this would be the year of my best works.

Red by Rancidire Lance Volkov 2016 by Rancidire Ghost Walking by RancidireWings by Rancidire

Uncertainty (2017)
This year is full of uncertainty. I've been incredibly busy, so my progress is pretty slow. I owe a lot of work and need to catch up. There is a lot happening down the road, and with all the past years riding on my shoulders, my heart has yet to decide what it really wants. This design of Lance is aimed to be one of his lasts, maybe even his final. I have a story to tell, pretty far in the works too, and all I need is the time and motivation to come back to me. Maybe someday we'll see something grand come out of Lance. The flame has definitely dwindled, and I really don't want it to fade again. I just gotta keep trying, then maybe it'd burn bright again. Stick around everyone, more is coming, I just don't know when.
Lance Volkov 2017 by Rancidire

Catch you on the flip side.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Heyo. I'm Rancidire. Aka Rancid, Fluffy, Dan, Danny, Lance etc. I have a lot of nicknames.

I'm a 23 year old Sailor serving the United States Navy overseas. I'm a professional healthcare provider and dental technician and work has kept me super busy. On the side, I'm an aspiring game designer, hoping to take my ideas and characters to higher places. Until then, I have time to serve, traveling the world and drinking my sorrows away because I'm a numb and pessimistic asshole.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to hit me up. I may be a nihilist, but I'm super nice and always open to critiques and questions, granted if I have the time.


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