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Thanks to GravitatingEnigma for bringing this to my attention. Someone on instagram has been tracing and coloring my old art as well as some other art done by other deviant artists. If you see your art or you see art that you recognize, make sure to let them know. I do not condone confrontation, so I rather you guys not engage with this person. I've already contacted this person on my own behalf and have yet to get a response. I only bring this to you guys in case you see your own artwork being traced in this person's gallery.

Person in question:

Sorry for the phone screenshot, but I absolutely despise Instagram's desktop site and neither will let you copy/save images.

Here are the traced drawings and the originals done by me.
Screenshot 20170505-184840 by RancidireClasses-Lance Volkov by LancerWolf13
Screenshot 20170505-184854 by Rancidire Lance Volkov Outfit Revisit 2015 by LancerWolf13
Screenshot 20170505-184926 by Rancidire Breathe by LancerWolf13
Screenshot 20170505-184949 by Rancidire Wings by LancerWolf13
Screenshot 20170505-185021 by Rancidire Ghosts by LancerWolf13
Screenshot 20170505-185015 by Rancidire A-U-R-O-R-A by LancerWolf13

The only other art that I could recognize belongs to Blood-Of-Severity
Screenshot 20170505-185002 by Rancidire Concept Art: Genshu the Dragon by Blood-Of-Severity Carnage by Blood-Of-Severity
Screenshot 20170505-184940 by Rancidire B-O-S Makeover: Gevaudan Ixion Dracul by Blood-Of-Severity

I think its safe to say that all of this person's uploads are replications. Go ahead and skim through the gallery yourselves and see if they stole anyone else's.



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Heyo. I'm Rancidire. Aka Rancid, Fluffy, Dan, Danny, Lance etc. I have a lot of nicknames.

I'm a 23 year old Sailor serving the United States Navy overseas. I'm a professional healthcare provider and dental technician and work has kept me super busy. On the side, I'm an aspiring game designer, hoping to take my ideas and characters to higher places. Until then, I have time to serve, traveling the world and drinking my sorrows away because I'm a numb and pessimistic asshole.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to hit me up. I may be a nihilist, but I'm super nice and always open to critiques and questions, granted if I have the time.


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Thanks for the watch. :)
GravitatingEnigma Featured By Owner May 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, I have come to inform you that someone is currently stealing, tracing, and recoloring Lance on Instagram.
I do beleive you can file DMCAs through your Facebook.
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good morning, Happy Easter my friend.
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Pixel icons are the best. 
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